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When to wear a Bow

In the trending fashion style, There are some best accessories which make your look glance. You want your look more attractive?  The bow is chief of fashion, which makes your attire look supreme. Many of us are afraid of applying a new style and new look, they think the new style will not look dapper on them. So, there are some Occasion and time where you can put on the accessories to stand extraordinary sharp than others.

The bow can be worn in:-


When it comes to the wedding we all want to be good looking and  Stylish. The wedding is the event when you can wear Bow. You should not look more offended and afraid of putting on Bow on formals, it makes you look more Formal. There is the Plus point, You look best in the crowd. You have to make a full plan and passion for trying the Suit with a bow. Attire which you are dressing should be more Comfortable because comfort means Style. If you Pick up much color of the bow on the suit don’t be afraid. You can wear the matching shirts or Cufflinks which will make your personality groomed. Colour is the main reason who make you look Excitement.


You have to make a decision, where you work you can wear a bow or not. You can make the Professional attire on the Office Parties. You can stand out perfect in the Dark Suit with the white shirt and Black Bow. Just play it safe and make bow little more toned in style.

Date Night

Date night is the best Occasion where you can groom your personality and Impress her with your Dapper look. The bow is something where your lady can be attracted to you. The date is one Occasion where you Impress your girl with a formal look. You can experiment new look like putting on the Jackets as well as Tie. Wear a Blazer and button up it still looks Dapper.

Church Occasion

To Wear Formals Church is the best Place and can look handsome in the bow and Tie. Always keep in Mind never look on top, make your style easy and appropriate. Christmas and New Year is the Best day to make a new style.

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